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Axtell Expressions Puppets are used by Performers World-Wide

Steve Axtell the producer and creator of "AxTelevision" runs a real operating puppet factory in Ventura, CA called "Axtell Expressions". Steve and his wife Suzi started the company in 1982 in their garage and now employ a talented crew at the studio. They produce puppets for entertainers and studios around the world. Recently they produced custom puppets for the premiere of the DreamWorks animated movie "Madagascar". They have a website at where they sell their puppets. The DVD and video "AxTelevision" has a web site at
Axtell Expressions Puppets are the best puppets for amateur or professionals. Thousands of entertainers world-wide use Axtell Expressions puppets in their shows.

They are used in hospitals, churches, on Vegas stages, Broadway, Movies, premieres, and in birthday party shows every weekend.

You can't find a better latex puppet, or soft puppet that has as much character as Axtell Expressions puppets have. It is just amazing what kind of expressions you can get from their faces.

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